Four Great Years Designing 425 and South Sound Magazine

Everyday I am reminded of all the wonderful experiences I have had in my life. All the wonderful experiences that lead to the birth of Passio Creative. I see a logo I designed on the back of a car, a coffee cup I designed in someone’s hand, a package I designed sitting on the shelf of the grocery store or a layout I’ve done for a magazine framed on a business’s wall (which is the inspiration for this post today). I am so proud and honored to have been part of so many great businesses and worked with so many amazing people. Each has guided me to be the person I am, have the philosophies I do for my business and the success I’ve had in my career.

It has been several years since I was with Premier Media Group and created the layout I saw on the wall but it brought back so many memories. For four great years I was the Creative Director of South Sound magazine and 425 magazine. I designed more than 40 magazines. I helped launch 425 magazine. I branded The Greater South Sound’s Home and Garden to the South Sound magazine we know and love today. I helped develop content. I directed photo shoots. I even shot photos myself for a few articles. It was my heart and soul and I am still so proud to showcase the work I created with the amazing PMG team who are still dear friends of mine today.